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Our founder has produced, edited, and mixed the following Podcast series. 

Unlimited Podcasts

The Unlimited Platform creates podcasts that tell the stories of inspiring women and mothers in the Middle East who have had successful and illustrious careers in the fields of wellbeing, healthcare, entrepreneurship and education. Isabel has produced, edited, and mixed all the podcasts for this platform, which was launched in April 2020.

Seekwel Podcasts

Every episode of the Seekwel podcast is dedicated to unveiling innovations around holistic healing, integrative health and raising consciousness in the community through the eyes of thought leaders. The aim is to inspire and empower by sharing stories of those who are doing so already.

Art of Being

A platform to honor the experience of being human. Art of Being shares practical evidence-based tools for self-development, empowerment and self-transformation. Whether that is seeking personal holistic healing through a tailored coaching journey. Or providing robust, enriching training programs for employees to express and expand their fulfilment at work.

The Andromeda Project

The Andromeda Project​ (2020) is a sci-fi fantasy set in the year 3120 told entirely through audio. It is an experiment in hybridizing radio drama and acousmatic storytelling with the overarching aim of creating a more immersive, transportative, and engaging listening experience. Isabel brought the script to life through her extraordinary sound design and music production, all fused together in an impeccable mixdown.

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