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LMSF - MINOS Remix (2023)

“LMSF” is a remix of “Lilymothersuperflower” by Feluakh an Egyptian rapper and singer based in New York. The track was released independently as a single in 2023.

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Compose Urself (2021)

MINOS breaks into the electronic music world with her tantalizing debut COMPOSE URSELF EP. With this project, MINOS seeks to captivate the listener both in mind and in body, carrying them away into her rapturous world. This is achieved through her careful attention to sonic detail, wherein every layer and every sound tells its own story, culminating in a unique symphony of acousmatic elements and facilitating an immersive journey through this fantastical world. Where ‘Interrogator’ and ‘Compose Urself’ radiate with an explosive, supernova-esque energy, ‘Listen With Your Eyes’ and ‘He Loves You’ invoke introspection and sensuous sonic experiences. Ultimately, it is the addition of groovy yet melodic drums - combined with addictive basslines - which renders these 4 tracks perfect for the dancefloor.

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Affectivity (2020)

‘Affectivity’ is our founder’s entrancing debut vinyl release under the artist name MINOS, in collaboration with Italian producer, Paolo Cicilioni. This sonic odyssey was released in June 2020 via New York-based record label, ​Abu Recordings​, as part of their latest VA release, ABU003. The track fuses MINOS’ evocative synth work and sound design with Cicilioni’s meticulously crafted drums and bassline, resulting in a powerful piece of electronic music.
The artists later teamed up with Italian filmmaker Selvaggia Messi, to create a groundbreaking music video that takes viewers on a hypnotizing audiovisual journey through the 20th century and modernity.

Big Data (2020)

‘Big Data’ is a collaboration between MINOS and Palestinian producer, Karim Atari, that was released in August 2020 via New York-based record label, ​Abu Recordings​. This track was featured on Atari’s debut album, ​Dweller,​ and sees the fusion of Atari’s modular sounds with MINOS’ impeccable sound design and mixing, which results in this dystopian sonic journey.

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