From London to New York, Milan, and Dubai… MINOS has enticed audiences with her unique sound at headlining performances as well as in support of well-known acts such as Paleman, Harrison BDP, and DJ Aakmael. Her international background, fused with her intuitive understanding of what works on the dance-floor, results in DJ sets that are eclectic, diverse, and undeniably groovy. Her sets comprise a variety of genres, including Deep House, Techno, Funk, Disco, and Ambient, amongst others, that are always carefully catered to the audience and the venue.

Below are links to past and upcoming events. Links to her DJ mixes can also be found on this website. 


Corsica Studios, London, UK
22 Mar 2022

Abu Nights Vol. 3 - JOMO

Grand Millenium Hotel, Dubai.
12 Dec 2019
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Heron Collective: The Second Chapter w/ Friends

Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, UK
30 Nov 2019
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Amici Tomodachi Presents: Summer Soirée

Trans Pecos, New York, USA.
31 Aug 2019.
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Happy Hour With Amici Tomodachi

H0l0, New York, USA.
28 Apr 2019
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Brooklyn Bazaar, New York, USA.
19 Apr 2019
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SUB LET 1st Anniversary w/ DJ Aakmael

Brooklyn Bazaar, New York USA.
16 Feb 2019
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Caro LDN Launch: Kettama , Tech Support & More.

The Yard, London, UK.
22 Dec 2018
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Broadstroke at The Peer Hat

The Peer Hat, Manchester, UK.
13 Dec 2018
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Sub Let at the Rose Gold

Rose Gold, New York, USA.
10 Nov 2018
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Pleasure Barge 'Electric Ride' Single Launch

NEST, Manchester, UK.
01 Oct 2018
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Mødular w/ Harrison BDP + Jay Innes (Teletech)

NEST, Manchester, UK.
28 Sep 2018
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U Feel .Mi

Blackout Club, Milan, Italy.
29 June 2018
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LIGHT It UP Magazine - The Launch

Porter + Cole, Manchester, UK.
25 May 2018
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Sub Let Presents: Sub Let Debut Party

The Deep End, New York, USA.
24 Feb 2018
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Caro: Paleman

Door 77, Brighton, UK.
09 Feb 2018
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Pleasure Barge & Hark

NEST, Manchester, UK.
25 Sep 2017
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 More news and information about her DJing can be found on the MINOS Facebook page

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