Our approach to sound and music is forged around the eclectic personality of the founder, Isabel Sanchez Danieli – music producer, film composer, sound designer,
and DJ based in London, UK.


Sound Designing

Creating your unique sonic world with creative sound effects and soundscapes

Sound Editing

Enhancing the quality and flow of your recordings through professional audio processing and editing

Sound Mixing

Creating a flawless and professional mixdown of your tracks and recordings

Music Production and Composition

Creating unique and original music to accompany your content and tell your story

Film Scoring

Enhancing your story-telling with original music composed just for your film


Boosting the auditory experience of your film by adding meticulously recorded sonic effects and details

Sound Mastering

Ensuring your tracks meet their potential and sound great on all sound systems through professional techniques


Giving your track new life by creating a new version in the genre of your choice

DJ Mix Creation

Recording a one-of-a-kind extended musical experience to accompany your content or set the vibe at your event


Music Lessons

Start your own musical journey with our experienced music teachers

DJ Hire

Entertaining your guests and audiences with a live DJ performance curated especially for you

Musician/Band Hire

Instrumentalists and bands available to hire for your events and studio sessions


Isabel Sanchez Danieli has performed under the stage name MINOS since 2016. She’s done performances around the world in notable venues in London, New York, Manchester, Milan, Dubai, and Puerto Rico. Check out upcoming shows and discover past events here.


Sound for Film

Loco Por Vos is a romantic comedy set in Colombia about two young lovers torn between tradition and desire. It was produced for Netflix by Dynamo, the illustrious Colombian production house that was also responsible for the production of the widely successful series Narcos (2015). Isabel worked on the sound design, foley, and sound mixing of the film in 2019 assisting the renowned Colombian composer, Felipe Linares, and his team.

Discover other MINOS SOUND productions here.


MINOS interview and DJ mix featured on Aaja Music radio station in London in 2022, showcasing some of her original material and her dark electro sound.


LMSF – MINOS Remix (2023)

“LMSF” is a remix of “Lilymothersuperflower” by Feluakh an Egyptian rapper and singer based in New York. The track was released independently as a single in 2023.

Skill by experience, sound by MINOS

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